Best Propane Smoker 2017 | Top 5 Review

Propane smoker reviews must consider more than the good and bad points of a particular smoker It is important that they also look at the reasons someone might want a propane fueled smoker in the first place. After all, the propane smoker doesn’t necessarily translate to the best smoker of all for every individual or family. Many people choose electric, charcoal, or pellet fueled smokers. Each have their own strengths and appeal.

Quick and easy, but versatile too

Since you’re, apparently, looking for the best propane smoker you can find you have probably concluded propane is best for your particular situation. Or perhaps not. Maybe you are really into the idea of having delicious smoked meat any time you want it, but, are still undecided as to which type of smoker you want to invest in. Electric is convenient and always ready to go. The drawback, often minor, is electric power is needed. Charcoal or wood fueled smokers have the advantage of perceived authenticity and, in some people’s minds and taste buds, produces better tasting, more smoke savory results. On the other hand the charcoal can be messy and why should the fastidious go without the pleasant taste of good smoked meat?

Best Propane Smoker Comparison

Image Brand Rating Price  
Hollow 38205GW LP $$ Check Price
Masterbuilt 20050116 $ Check Price
Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG $$ Check Price
Masterbuilt M7P $ Check Price
Landmann USA 3895GWLA $$ Check Price

Propane offers the same kind of quick convenience as electricity but, like a charcoal or wood fueled unit isn’t dependent on a source of electric power to be able to use. Propane fueled smokers are easy to maintain. They produce a relatively steady heat without having to be watched and tended throughout the smoking process. There is always the possibility of running out of propane while you’re in the process of smoking something, but that can be planned for. Sentimental folks may feel charcoal and wood produce a better smoke but those who value convenience say propane smoked food tastes just as good.

Hollow 38205GW LP Propane Smoker Review

The first of our propane smoker reviews will be for a product from Smoke Hollow. This candidate to be called the best propane smoker is a black, rectangularly shaped, attractive smoker. It stands at slightly less than 4 feet high, including the legs on which it stands.

The smoker alone is 38 inches high 20 inches wide and 14 inches deep. The overall weight of this propane smoker is around 80 pounds. It is designed to accommodate a 20 pound propane tank.

Several innovative features are designed to benefit the end user.

Double doors and a clear window for monitoring are among the most notable.

One of the key features of this Smoke Hollow product iare the double, dutch style, doors . These allow the water pan and wood chip tray to be tended without exposing the meat being smoked to the outside air.

<span”>The upper door is actually a window which allows for visual monitoring of the item you’re preparing to eat. This further reduces the need to disrupt the smoking process. These two features and the benefits they offer provide compelling support for naming this the best propane smoker. However, rather than speak prematurely let’s continue with these propane smoker reviews. Specifically let’s look at more features of the 38205GW.

  • Push button ignition convenience is great.
  • Double doors allowing tending of water and wood chips means the savory taste roducing moking won’t be disrupted.
  • The window allowing ongoing monitoring is an excellent touch.
  • Some purchasers reported receiving marred or faulty units.

Another helpful feature of this smoker are the four chrome plated steel cooking racks found within the 3.4 cubic foot cooking chamber. These can be removed and adjusted as needed to allow for a great variety of options in terms of what you smoke.

For example, all but one rack might be removed and the smoker could be used to prepare something as large as a turkey. Conversely, all four racks could be used and a full course meat, potatoes and vegetable meal could be prepared. Naturally, the required smoking times of these items would vary.

There is also a sausage hanger rack included as an accessory. This can be inserted in the top of the smoker if you want to try your hand at smoking your own sausage. Regardless of what you choose to smoke you can proceed with the confidence getting started will be simple.

The cast brass burner is fired up with a convenient push button igniter. The porcelain covered steel water bowl and wood chip pan complete the primary features of this Smoke Hollow propane smoker.

Some necessary (or at least highly useful) accessories must be purchased separately.

Gasket material for the door is advisable since a great deal of smoke escapes without it. The gasket material is sold separately, as is a cover for the unit. Most people would probably agree this is not a difference maker if they’ve looked at numerous propane smoker reviews and concluded this Smoke Hollow product is the best propane smoker available. Still it’s something of which potential purchasers need to be aware.

Masterbuilt 20050116 Portable Gas Smoker Review

The second of our five propane smoker reviews looks at the Masterbuilt Portable Gas Smoker (model number 20050116) There can be no doubt that its most attractive feature is it’s size.

With dimensions of approximately 24″ x 16″ x 24″ and weighing less than 23 pounds, the Masterbuilt Portable can be taken anywhere.

Yet it still has a cooking chamber large enough to accommodate a turkey.

Use of a propane cylinder instead of a tank also eases transfers.

Although an adapter to allow use of a standard 20# propane tank can be used, it’s meant to be fueled by a one pound propane cylinder. The adapter, necessary to use the larger tank is not included when you buy this product.

The real upside here is that the comparatively lighter weight of the cylinder makes transporting the Masterbuilt Portable just that much easier. Another feature that helps make it easier to move from place to place is the foldable legs. Less storage space is required as a result also.

Plenty of power for all your smoking needs.


  • The coolness and convenience of being able to take this smoker anywhere simply can’t be overstated
  • The generously large smoking chamber means the type and size of items smoked is almost unlimited.
  • The ability to use a propane cylinder and tank interchangeably (if the adapter is purchased) allows for convenient versatility.
  • If you use a cylinder instead of a tank a backup cylinder might be needed if the item(s) you’re smoking are large and require a significant length of time to cook fully.

Whether you decide to purchase the adapter for the larger tank or not you’ll have plenty of heating power.

The stainless steel burners can produce as much as 5000 BTU’s of heat. A cylindrical thermometer knob on the door makes fine tuning your smoking temperatures easy.

The containers for your water and wood chips are removable for convenient cleaning. The wood chips are what produces the smoke which flavors the food you’ll be enjoying.

The four foot long hose with the adapter to accommodate a propane tank is one of two items often included on the same shopping list as this smoker.

A carry bag is also available and, of course, this item also acts as a protective cover as well as an aid to easy transport. At this point let’s turn to the pros and cons of the Masterbuilt portable smoker.

Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG Review

The third smoker I’ll review in this collection of propane smoker reviews is another Smoke Hollow product.

This is the 38 inch 38202G LPG two door smoker. The obvious difference between it and the Smoke Hollow 38205GW is that this Smoker does not have a window like the other unit has.

This means you can’t observe the progress of the items being smoked without opening the top door.

On the positive side this smoker does have the double doors.

This means the water pan and wood chip tray can be monitored and resupplied without having to expose your smoking food to environmental elements like wind, rain, or excessively bright sunlight.

This means those conditions will be less likely to adversely affect the smoking process.

Experienced and frugal smokers might favor this smoker.

The double doors and the resulting beneficial non disruptive monitoring they allow are a great feature.

An experienced but budget conscious smoking aficionado might feel these alone make this the best propane smoker.

Personally, the ability to look directly at your food would seem to make saving one’s pennies until the smoker with the window is available a no brainer level decision. But, to each their own

  • The use of welded steel for construction should mean many years of smoking enjoyment.
  • The two vents help to maximize control over the smoking process.
  • Multiple and removable smoking racks allow great versatility in food preparation choices.
  • Again, some purchasers reported receiving damaged or otherwise faulty units.

Plenty of power and control are available.

The 38202G can send as much as 20,000 BTU’s through it’s cast brass burner.

Firing the unit up is easy with the push button ignition. This means there will be plenty of heat for any item you might be smoking in the 3.4 cubic foot smoking chamber.

There are vents in both the upper and lower chambers to help control the intensity of that heat.

An external thermometer on the upper door provides monitoring capability. This smoker also features four, removable, cooking racks which make smoking options virtually limitless. The accessory for smoking sausage is also available.

This smoker is well built of quality material.

The overall height of this Smoke Hollow product is 47 inches. It weighs just under 70 pounds.

The stainless steel used to make this item is welded, rather than connected with bolts, for strength and durability.

Gasket material for the door, a protective cover, and wood chips all have to be bought separately. A 20 pound propane tank is used for fuel.

Masterbuilt M7P Review

The next of our propane smoker reviews looks at another Masterbuilt product. Any basis for calling the M7P-7 in 1 the best propane smoker is its versatility.

First of all you are not limited to propane as a fuel.

It is possible to use charcoal as an alternative means of providing the heat that produces smoke.

This is a good option if for no other reason than the experimentation it allows.

After all, isn’t trying new things part of the whole attraction of smoking food in the first place.

The choice of fuel sources allows the user to settle once and for all (in his or her own mind at least) whether or not one type of smoke means better flavor than the other.

Smoking is just one of this appliance’s functions.

The M7P Masterbuilt smoker can also be used as a grill and as a deep fryer. A 10.5 quart capacity aluminum pan and a basket are included. This means you will also be able to boil or steam menu items if you wish.

The great variety of uses means this may be the only entertainment/hospitality food preparation device you will ever mean.

Useful functional features warrant this smoker a second look.

  • The versatility of this Masterbuilt product is very appealing.
  • Relatively small size means this smoker(+) can be easily moved and used at a variety of places and events.
  • Increased safety is always good so the cool touch handles are a welcome touch.
  • Although purchaser’s reviews were generally positive a significant number reported design and construction flaws

This Masterbuilt product is bottle or cylindrically shaped.

When fully assembled it measures approximately 18 x 18 x 26.5 inches. This includes the legs. the unit itself is about 18 x 18 x 18 inches. It is made of steel for strength and long years of usage.

The porcelain covered disk shaped burner bowl can be easily cleaned.

The burner itself is made of cast iron, a material well known for it’s ability to withstand heat. An external thermometer helps you monitor the progress of your smoking projects.

Safety has not been forgotten.

Masterbuilt added cool touch handles to reduce the chance of inadvertent burns. The M7-P 7 in 1 smoker comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Landmann USA 3895GWLA Review

The last of these propane smoker reviews looks at a Landmann USA product. The 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain vertical gas smoker has an ample cooking chamber which is over two feet wide.

Altogether, there are nearly 1600 square inches of cooking space.

Users can use one, two or more of the five chrome plated cooking grates that fit within the cooking chamber.

There is also a meat hanger included. The generous size and multiple shelving options means an increase in the smoking options possible.

It was built with durability and optimum function in mind.

Four sturdy, widely spaced legs help assure this smoker won’t be accidentally tipped over.

The intention to make a durable long lasting product can also be seen in the steel used for it’s construction.

A knob style igniter enables the user to quickly fire up this food preparation appliance. The cast brass burner is guaranteed not to rust and comes with a 10 year warranty.

The water pan is made of porcelain covered steel: the wood chip box of heavy duty steel. Both water pan and wood chip box are contained within separate drawers and easily accessed by he handles on those drawers.

It is not necessary to open the smoking chamber door to monitor and or replenish the water and wood chips.

When the door does need to be opened a nylon plastic handle is used to do so. Closing the chamber is simplified by the magnetic latching function.

Many features help maximize control of the smoking process.

  • Generously sized smoking chamber.
  • Multiple cooking grates mean increased versatility.
  •  Designed to maximize users control of temperature.
  • Notwithstanding the name, this smoker was apparently made in China, not the U.S. Potential users will have to decide if this is a deal breaker.

One of the best aspects of this Landmann USA smoker is the attention given to helping the user control the units temperature.

After all, being able to control and adjust the heat based on what is being cooked might just be the prime secret behind successful smoking.

The separately accessible chambers for the food cupboard and water and wood chip containers are the first feature that contributes to the user’s control of temperature.

A heat control and temperature gauge on the Smoking chamber door also is helpful. The unit has a chimney and closable side vents that allow for venting and creating a draft as is needed.

Best Propane Smoker For Sale

Although each of these propane smokers has some good points the Smoke Hollow 38205GW is, in my opinion, the best of the lot. The double doors allowing access to wood chips and water is the first compelling feature.

The second is the window which allows the user to observe the progress of his or her smoking project without disrupting it. One important note here, however, you will need to clean the window fairly often and should be prepared to do so.

best propane smoker

Best Cheap Propane Smoker 

The Masterbuilt Portable Gas Smoker is appealing because of its large cooking chamber but overall small size which makes it easy to move from place to place. This is the best cheap product of those reviewed here.

Some final and concluding thoughts.

propane smoker reviews

Propane makes a lot of sense as a fuel choice for a smoking unit. Since leisure time is when most people will be able to enjoy the smoking experience it makes sense to be able to get started quickly.

The nostalgic person who craves authentic may want to use wood or charcoal but for many the extra time is not warranted. Electric smokers may be even faster but, with propane you don’t need a power outlet and you aren’t susceptible to power outages.

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